About this Program

Naturally Thin® refers to the recovery and maintenance of a lean body weight without traditional food-restricted dieting. Naturally Thin® recommends a diet of quality real foods for weight loss and natural weight maintenance. The use of health food supplements is up to individual discretion.

Naturally Thin® recovery is not a diet but a program that teaches individuals how to eat consistently in order to normalize their eating patterns. This leads to gradual, permanent weight loss.

Recovery by the Naturally Thin® principles is appropriate for anyone who suffers from the effects of traditional food restricted dieting and/or reckless eating habits; over weight and disturbed eating patterns.

Naturally Thin® recovery is based on the principles of adaptation and is described in detail in the books, How To Become Naturally Thin® By Eating More, Breaking Out Of Food Jail, and Naturally Thin® Kids by Jean Antonello, RN, BSN.

More About the Foundations of the Naturally Thin® Program

The principles of the Naturally Thin® program are based on the theory of adaptation, a long accepted tenet of medical and scientific laws. As it’s applied to the issue of excess fat on human bodies, this concept illuminates the physiological underpinnings of weight gain as a positive adaptive response to an environment where food is intermittently restricted—as in the traditional food-restricted diet. Ironically, these intermittent self-imposed “famines” that dieters inflict on their bodies actually program their bodies to need to store more fat as a survival mechanism.

This survival idea is not altogether new, but the mechanism by which bodies actually accomplish weight rebound following a diet has never been explained—until now. Consequently, dieters ignore it and continue to regain lost weight 95 percent of the time. The precise mechanism by which bodies accomplish weight rebound following a diet is what these books are about, and what dieters need to know to cooperate with their bodies’ survival needs to keep the weight they lose off for good.

We are getting fatter and fatter trying to eat less and exercise more. No one seems to be paying attention to this glaring fact! There has been nothing new under the diet sun for decades. The fact that diets offer a fix and do often lead to weight loss keeps people dieting. But discouraged dieters are ready for something really new, something true, something that lasts.

The universally accepted notions of emotional overeating and food addiction and comfort eating are exposed as myths — convenient explanations for aberrant eating behavior that are not supported by research.  Chronic un-met hunger needs are at the bottom of the behaviors we label this way. These shocking revelations are well supported by research.

Many case studies of those who have recovered by these principles are scattered throughout the books. Examples of weight loss achieved without dieting and maintained over 6 years, 9 years, 20 years, reflect the truth of these principles.

The most horrifying irony in all this is that we’ve been treating the disorder with its cause. With the insight that adaptation plays a role in the physiological need for fat, it’s easy to see why we eventually gain weight when we diet. Probably half of the female clients I’ve ever interviewed have said to me, “I wish I was the weight I used to be when I started dieting!”

Jean’s Story

I honestly already feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I know this is the only real solution. I am so happy to be free of counting calories and punishing myself for eating and being hungry.

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