Are Your Goals Too Small?

One extremely subtle kickback from dieting involves goals. Many people are uncomfortable with goal-setting. Goals are risky. They always involve potential failure. But goals are about who we are and what we believe in—our priorities. So there is something in us that keeps inspiring us to change, to reach out, … Read More


Based on the notion that calories, by themselves, (i. e. eating food) makes people fat, here’s a list of terms that would be appropriate for anyone following this type of approach: Sugar-free Calorie-free No-calorie Low-calorie Less filling More filling Low carb No carb High protein Extra high protein No-fat Low-fat … Read More

What Recovery From Dieting Looks Like

I have confidence in those who earnestly decide to break away from dieting and all its physical and psychological destruction and put these principles to the test. I believe in them. I believe that, as they take all the determination and will power they’ve used as dieters and apply these … Read More

The Very Best Appetite Suppressant—What?

In our mad quest to get around our hunger, we’ve developed and manufactured and discovered hundreds of appetite suppressants. These various products and methods of curtailing or eliminating our appetites is wildly popular because of the rampant belief that hunger is the enemy of weight loss. But just like the … Read More

Carbohydrate (Sugar) Addiction

Now here’s a theory that really packs some logic! What do people binge on? Steak? Chicken? Fish? Vegetables? Fruits? Hardly. Although vegetables are mostly carbs, dieters usually do not crave or binge on them. It isn’t really practical because, pound for pound, vegetables don’t fill you up before you get … Read More

“Food Addiction” Exposed

Some people sure act like food addicts. Maybe you’re one of those who’ve earned the diagnosis. But, recall the research with starved normal weight volunteers that showed that these thin individuals experienced total preoccupation with food as well as other symptoms typically experienced by dieters, like cravings for fat producing … Read More

How Bodies Fight Dieters and Win Every Time

As soon as a dieter begins to cut down on her portions or eliminate food groups or start a juice fast or eliminate fat from her diet, her body goes to work to conserve energy (calories) and promote eating more and more calorie-dense foods. These adaptations are not psychological or … Read More

The Important Role of Fat for Your Body

There are reasons, very real reasons—good reasons—that fat is there, on your abdomen, thighs, arms, neck—everywhere extra padding will fit. This information may help you feel a little better about yourself. Here are the things that fat does for your body that you’ve probably never heard about: Body Fat: 1. … Read More

Is “Emotional Overeating” Really Emotional?

Primary overeating, like primary or essential hypertension, from which I borrowed the term, does not exist. Primary overeating—overeating in and of itself without an underlying physical cause—does not occur. There is always a reason for overeating or people wouldn’t do it, and the causative factor is almost always physical, although … Read More

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