Podcast: Do Some People Who Struggle with Weight Simply Have Broken Bodies?

Jean reveals how even people with weight struggles have normal bodies.

How Long Does It Take To Gain Control Over Your Body?

Jean discusses getting out of a dysfunctional relationship with themselves.

What is Body-Controlled Eating?

Jean discusses Body-Controlled Eating.

Podcast: Is Emotional Eating a Real Thing?

Jean discusses emotional eating.

Podcast: What is the BEST Appetite Suppressant?

Jean discusses controlling appetites.

Podcast: What Are Your Thoughts on Intermittent Fasting?

Jean discusses intermittent fasting (Intermittent fasting is simply a fancy way of saying intermittent famine-ing).

Podcast: Jean’s Story

Jean shares about her own journey to becoming naturally thin.

Podcast: Is it Possible to Have a Food Addiction?

Jean considers food addiction, but proposes a more empowering explanation for why people eat like an addict.
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Podcast: How Does Evolution Affect Weight Gain?

Jean looks at the role of adaptation on the diet cycle.
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Podcast: Does Weight Loss Surgery Work and Do You Recommend It?

More and more people are going to the extreme measure of having their stomachs surgically modified to help them lose weight. Jean offers wise cautions against this radical act.

Podcast: Why Do Diets Fail?

Jean gets right to the point, right to the CORE reason diets fail.
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Podcast: What Approach to Weight Loss Has Been Effective for Over 30 Years?

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