The Very Best Appetite Suppressant—What?

By Jean Antonello, RN, BSN, obesity and eating disorders specialist and author of The Great Big Diet Lie, How to Become Naturally Thin® by Eating More, Breaking Out of Food Jail and Naturally Thin® Kids,

In our mad quest to get around our hunger, we’ve developed and manufactured and discovered hundreds of appetite suppressants. These various products and methods of curtailing or eliminating our appetites is wildly popular because of the rampant belief that hunger is the enemy of weight loss. But just like the tens of thousands of other popular diet products, these methods of squelching hunger are doomed to fail as lasting weight loss aids. Somehow bodies manage to eventually work around them and get their survival needs met.

Actually, the very best appetite suppressant, and the only one you can safely take indefinitely, is food. This is a big relief to dieters who learn to get in touch with their hunger again. They have tried just about everything, including disgusting-tasting power bars and shakes, to get rid of their hunger without eating real food. Usually the idea of suppressing their appetite by actually eating food seems preposterous at first. Are you kidding, using food to suppress my appetite? Yes! We’ve been blind to this fact because we’ve always thought that food is the enemy of overweight people. But now we know that’s not true.

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