Naturally Thin Recovery is More Than a Lifestyle Change

By Jean Antonello, RN, BSN, obesity and eating disorders specialist and author of The Great Big Diet Lie, How to Become Naturally Thin® by Eating More, Breaking Out of Food Jail and Naturally Thin® Kids,

Some people say the Naturally Thin Recovery Plan is a “lifestyle change.” Yes, that’s true. But it is much more than that. It really involves two separate phenomena:

    1. a brain chemistry change in your conscious-mind, and
    2. a dramatic physiological change in your body chemistry.

The mind change comes first when you realize that your weight and eating struggles are not because of emotions, addictions, psychological problems or genetics. And then you understand that extra fat on your body is necessary because you’ve been going hungry, dieting, and eating recklessly for years. These are the mind-blowing mental changes that lead to your decision to dramatically alter your eating patterns.

The body chemistry follows as a result of the steady flow of plenty of nutrient-rich foods to your body as you respond to each and every hunger signal with plenty of great food.

This is more than lifestyle.

This is living.

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