Taming the Sweet (and Junk Food) Tooth

Some parents say their kids simply can’t do without sweets because their cravings are so strong. Their kids prefer sweets so much of the time; these parents are convinced that there is something about sweets and junk food their children need. They could be right. Children and adolescents who don’t … Read More

Enemies of A Successful Diet

If you’re trying to lose weight by dieting, watch out for these three stumbling blocks. They’ll trip you up sooner or later, and your diet—all that pain and effort—will surely go to waist. Diet Enemy #1: Excessive Hunger Excessive hunger is not a normal state. It precipitates such symptoms as … Read More

Feast or Famine: The Vicious Cycle Behind Eating Problems

A Method in the Madness The symptoms associated with eating and weight problems follow definite patterns. These sometimes confusing symptoms make a lot more sense when you look at them in relationship to one another. And recognizing these relationships can speed your (and your child’s) progress toward normal eating. In … Read More

Listen Up! Your Body Is Trying to Talk to You

Body Signals The term body language refers to a physical communication system which aids, and sometimes contradicts, what you say. It includes gesture, posture, facial expression, and vocal resonance and pitch. Body signals, on the other hand, do not involve communication between people (interpersonal) but rather communication within one person … Read More

Body-Controlled Eating

Help your kids stay tuned in to their bodies In order for kids to avoid the Feast or Famine Cycle (pattern of under eating and over eating) and all the eating and potential weight struggles it brings, they must stay attuned to their natural eating instincts and remain “body-controlled” in … Read More

Are You Infecting Your Kids With Your Food Hang-Ups?

Childhood obesity is growing to epidemic proportions in the United States. Maybe it’s because of the messages we’re sending to our children. What We Believe Our whole culture has become convinced that weight problems are simply a result of eating too much food and exercising too little. And we are … Read More

How Teens Eat—And What You Can Do About It

You might be thinking, there is nothing I can do with my teens. They eat their own peculiar way and there is no influencing them. How can I possibly affect their eating habits? Carefully, that’s how. Because teenagers, and especially girls, are so vulnerable to eating disorders and unhealthy eating … Read More

The Genetic Influence in Weight Problems

Every individual kid is unique. It is foolish, even dangerous, to ignore this important fact, especially regarding nutritional needs. Sure, there are patterns in development, patterns in eating behavior, and general principles of growth, personality, and socialization. But here we will focus on the physical and physiological uniqueness of kids. … Read More

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